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Hiddy Hoo Electronic Neighbors. I'm your every day 'Joe' comfortably settled in to my middle-aged life. I enjoy being active, being healthy, live music, taking weekend motorcycle trips around the Upper Midwest, cooking and trying to be a good role model for my teenage son. I was a fat guy, in the summer of 2010 I made the switch. The only reason I look back there now is for motivation. Cheers!! Be well!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two PR's Fall In 2013, So Far.....

When I accomplish certain things it causes me to reflect on my path towards health.  It wasn't that long ago that I was almost 38 years old, 270+lbs. and completely out of shape (unless you consider round a 'shape').  I witnessed a life changing event (lost a close family member) and told myself that I better get healthy before my 40th birthday, for myself and for my family.  With that, I made a commitment to gaining my health back via running and a healthier diet (not primal then).  Two months after that I ran my first 5k race.  Up to that point, that was the farthest I had ever run in my life.

Since then I've finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in my age group at different events and have found that trail running is MUCH more enjoyable for me that road running.  Most surprising was learning of the mental health benefits that running provides me.  I would have never guessed that a 5 mile run would completely eliminate the struggles and stresses from the work day.  I haven't, and still don't, consider myself a competitive runner.  My only competition is the clock and my previous times and paces.  Likewise, I'll never be a distance runner, two knee surgeries on the same knee in a 3 year span limit me to not going over 7 miles.

That said, I ran a 5 mile race in March and set a new personal best pace of 7:28/mile.  And earlier this month (May) I completed a 10k race in under 50 minutes.  That 10k goal of under 50 minutes escaped me all of last year, glad I got that one out of the way.  Next goal is a 10k trail run under 50 minutes.

It's fun to keep checking these things off my list of things to accomplish, especially considering that it wasn't that long ago that I was a completely unmotivated and unhealthy couch potato.  I still find a ton of motivation when I look back and think about where I've come from.  If anyone's interested, when I did hit the big four-oh, I had lost a total of 75lbs.  Since changing my diet and lifestyle to a 'Primal' one, I've lost an additional 12lbs.  Needless to say, it feels excellent.

Cheers All.  Here's to Health!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Foods I Won't Live Without

Foods I Won't Live Without
We all have out 'favorite' foods, but these are my foods that I won't be without.
  1. Eggs.  I eat one or more eggs virtually every day.  My typical weekday breakfast is two hard boiled eggs.  For me, it's a perfect way to start the day.  Whether it's hard boiled, over easy, sunny side up, fried hard, scrambled or the main part of one of my favorite omelets, Eggs are one of the 10 foods that will always be a big parts of my Primal table.
  2. Red meat, specifically Venison.   Growing up in a family that values being outdoors, hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life.  It also goes without saying that table fare is always first and foremost.
  3. Brussel Sprouts.  Sauteed or fried, love these little things
  4. Avocado.  One of my go to 'power' foods.
  5. Chicken.  Is there a more versatile meat out there?!
  6. Berries. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.  Technically that's 4 foods in one, but who cares, they're all excellent
  7. Greens.  Kale, iceberg, romaine, etc.  Love all of them.
  8. Almonds.  Is there a more perfect daytime snack food?!