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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry

The tradition of a Wisconsin Fish Fry goes deep for us Wisconsinite's.  A good filet of Haddock, Walleye, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, etc, dredged in a light beer batter (of course beer, it's Wisconsin!), then fried is oil until the filet is cooked through leaving a light crispy crust over the flaky filet.  Add some french fries, cole slaw and potato salad and it's heavenly.  Add a Brandy or Whiskey Old Fashioned and I think we'd all accept you as an honorary Wisconsinite.  

If you're inclined to read a short bit of history, Travel Wisconsin has a short story here.

Obviously, reading that first paragraph, nothing as it is there would find it's way to our primal tables.  But, that doesn't mean that you should give up on keeping some traditions alive and well.  Eating fish on Friday's doesn't mean it has to be fried in unhealthy oils or served with a mountain of french fries or potato salad and cole slaw.

Out with the old...
In with the new...

Fried Cod loins with sauteed fresh Brussel Sprouts with mushrooms and bacon.

For the Brussels.....
- Halve and clean Brussel Sprouts (Clean more than you think you'll need, they're excellent)
- In a large pan, Cook 1lb of bacon and save the drippings
- Set the bacon aside, when it's cooled enough, crumble to small pieces.
- Clean and Quarter cut mushrooms (I used the mushrooms stems, because we made stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and I had to do something with the stems)
- Lay the halved Brussels cut side down in the hot bacon drippings, they cook in about 15 minutes.  Add the mushrooms after about 5 minutes, add the crumbled bacon after 10 minutes.  They're done when the bottom in a deep brown.  Brush them with drippings from the pan.  A nice little addition is adding some Pecan pieces.

For the fish.....
- Beat two eggs in a dish large enough to soak your Cod Loins
While the Cod loins are soaking in the egg wash
- Heat a good amount of Coconut Oil and a least a half stick of butter in a large pan.
- When that's melted and hot, add Cod Loins.  They'll cook fast, flip them after 5 minutes and cook until completely firm.

Have a glass of Red Wine and this is a nice, primal twist to a traditional Wisconsin Friday dinner.

One quick note, I can't and won't take credit for the recipe for the Brussel Sprouts, nor do I remember where I found it to give the proper credit. 

Enjoy.  Cheers!!!

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  1. Oh my. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite. Saw your post on MDA about drinking beer on March 2nd. Which led me to this recipe. Gonna have to try it. And maybe I will find you at a "quaint" WI bar in March.